Plant of the Week

Galanthus elwesii:

Smow drop flower close up

The wet but exceptionally mild weather has really pushed a lot of bulbs forward this year with green shoots popping up all over the estate.  In a sheltered south facing corner of the manor, our first snowdrops have been flowering since New Year’s Day.  Our native snowdrop  Galanthus nivalis is a thing of joy and a promising of the spring to come.  But G. elwesii, from the Eastern Mediterranean, is something really quite exquisite.  It flowers much earlier than most, with larger honey scented blooms and broad, slightly glaucous leaves, which makes it really worth the effort of growing.  Galanthus are best moved in the green, so when ours have finished their display we lift and divide them, to spread them through the garden.  We tuck the plants in amongst big perennials and shrubs, which protect them from our cultivations later in the season, and in time I hope to fill the south garden with them.

Snow drop

Words by Tom, photographs by Martin

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