Plant of the Week

Buxus sempervirens ‘Elegantissima’:

By the end of winter, we can become a little bored with evergreens, particularly with things like box trees or yew trees, which are quite dark.

Buxus sempervirens “Elegantissima” is an evergreen which really stands out throughout the winter.  Its green leaves with white edges create an amazing effect throughout the year and distinguishes it from other evergreens. It’s naturally a compact shrub, but can reach 1.5m in circumference and height.

buxus sempervirens elegantissima (2)

Although very slow, it’s easy to grow and likes every type of soil and position. You can prune it once or twice a year if you want to reduce its size, or more often to create a topiary ball. At Gravetye we don’t bother, and let the shrub show its natural grace.  You use it alone in underwood or in a shrub-bed with deciduous neighbors to create a beautiful contrast.  It works especially well in the winter with the red stems of Cornus alba ‘kesselringii’ and this is a planting we are going to try out this winter when the soil eventually dries out.

buxus sempervirens elegantissima (1)

Words and photographs by Martin.

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