Plant of the Week

Cornus mas:

Cornus mas, also known as European cornel or dogwood, is now in full blossom at Gravetye.

cornus mas (2 )

This little shrub, native of Europe, is perfectly placed at Gravetye Manor as it reminds us of Robinson’s most important ideas. In the nineteenth century, Robinson challenged the new fashion for exotic plants in favour of hardy, native plants in British gardens. This is why we have planted dogwood in our Wild Garden; it’s easy to grow and can reach 10 meters!

cornus mas (1)

Compared to the other Cornus cultivated for their branches (Red: Cornus alba ‘Siberica’, Orange: Cornussanguinea ‘Winter Flame’ or black:Cornus alba`kesselringii`), this Cornus is well known for its lovely yellow flower, which we are enjoying as an early sign of spring.

Words and photographs by Martin

Read more about William Robinson’s revolutionary ideas in his book “The Wild Garden”. First published in 1870, the latest edition is available to buy at Gravetye Manor.

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