Plant of the Week

Spiraea x ’Arguta’

spirea close up 1

Our garland Spiraea is currently in full blossom with elegant clusters of white scented flowers gracing its bare branches. Light green leaves will appear after flowering. A part of the Rosaceae family, this compact shrub is one of the biggest Spiraea – it can reach 2 meters in height and spread. We have several here at Gravetye, which can be found in the Kitchen Garden and Flower Garden.


We have another more compact Spiraea which is particularly interesting for its foliage. Spiraea japonica ‘Goldflame’  has beautiful gold-bronze leaves, particularly during autumn and spring when the leaves are open. It flowers later in summer.

Spirea goldflame

Spirea is very easy to grow – it prefers a sunny position and can be pruned immediately after flowering.

Words and photographs by Martin

One thought on “Plant of the Week

  1. We had the great pleasure of staying at Gravetye over the Easter weekend and to see the beautiful Spring garden was a delight. I was so impressed that so many shrubs were in full bloom as shown by the photographs of Spirea Arguta….. I think there have been longer periods of sustained warm sunshine in your beautiful valley than here in cold Bristol! I also have a serious case of geranium envy having seen the glorious flowers of the Maderia Geranium….a plant I had never seen before. Is it easy to buy here? Do you know of a supplier and is it as easy to grow as other garden geraniums? I would love to have one! Also I wondered if there were ever any bee-hives placed in the gardens at any time? it’s such a wonderful haven for bees with all the flowers and the wild flower meadow by the lake I’m sure the local bee keepers’ association would be delighted to bring their hives into the garden for the summer….. Think of the honey supply to the kitchen!…. honey ice-cream….YUM!! (nicer than beetroot ice-cream!!!!)
    Congratulations to all the Gardening team…. you do a grand job!
    Best wishes Viv and Brian Swindells

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