Plant of the Week

  Primula beesiana:


The Chinese Primula beesiana is a member of the Candelabra group of Primulas. This species bares vivid pink flowers in the tiered wedding cake fashion from April through to June.  This bold Primula can be dotted through a border adding a loose meadow element or planted in a clump creating an architectural focal point with zing.  Here at Gravetye Manor, it thrives in the semi damp and shady conditions of the East Garden and they readily self-seed in this area which can be difficult ground for some plants.


Considering Primula beesiana’s exotic pink blooms it is surprisingly hardy tolerating the coldest of winters and they are also easily propagated. It is best propagated from collected seed. This can be collected and sown in its green form straight from the plant after the seed is formed, before it hardens off. This unusual method of seed collection can be done with most Primulas but you can also increase stock through division and root cuttings (root cuttings must be done when dormant). DSC_1255

Words by Sam, photographs by Hannah

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