Autumn in the Flower Garden

It is that time of the year when everything has been planted and the colourful displays are coming to an end, so we gardeners are just dead heading and tidying.

Flower garden fog (1)

This gives us the time to really enjoy the salvias, dahlias and other bright perennials and annuals, all are in their last song before the frosts.

Flower garden fog (2)

The abundance of flowers creates an amazing contrast with the low light on a foggy morning.

Flower garden fog (3)

Whether it is sunny or wet at this time of year, the garden is so special just before it goes into its autumn sleep.

Flower garden fog (4)

Words and photographs by Martin.

5 thoughts on “Autumn in the Flower Garden

  1. HI Martin

    Really enjoy your blogs and the pictures.

    Please can you tell me the name of the Bright pink, dark leaved Dahlia.

    Regards to Tom , who gave the most superb talk here with beautiful pictures of the Gardens earlier this month.

    have since ordered and planted T Sylvestris and S . bifolia

    Best wishes


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