At this time of year, there’s not much colour to enhance the garden. Luckily, a bare tree presents us with beauty and interest through the winter with its bark and silhouette.

At the top of the meadow, Acer griseum is a good example with its brown cinnamon-like bark.

acer griseum

My favourite is Prunus serrula, near the Nepeta bed, which has a very shiny deep red bark. It’s particularly emphasised when the sun come through on a cold morning.

prunus serula

Finally, in the wild garden you can find the famous birch trees Betula pendula (white) or Betula nigra  (grey/brown). The variety ‘Jacquemontii’ is such a pure white, it’s amazing.

Betula pendula jacqu++

All of these trees are small so suitable for little gardens, and can be grown as a tree or a multistem to enjoy throughout winter.

Words and photographs by Martin

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