Natural, not wild!

At this time of year there’s less planting work to do in the garden, so we’ve taken the chance to clear an area between the orchard and the Croquet Lawn which has been left “wild”.

Cutting (1)

One of the most important of William Robinson’s concepts was the wild garden, but “wild” does not mean “wilderness”. It’s a kind of low maintenance statement between the natural and maintained landscape.

Cutting (3) A dense shrub wall was isolating the orchard from the rest of the garden, so we decided to open up the view.

Cutting (4)Cutting (5)

We cleared the Eleagnus, Rhododendrons, laurels and roses and now we can see the manor from the orchard-side path, which creates more links between the house and garden.

Cutting (6)Cutting (8)

We plan to plant bluebells or daffodils underneath and the new part of the garden can then be left “natural”.

Cutting (9) When you’re next at Gravetye, have a walk around the orchard and enjoy this new view.

Words and photographs by Martin

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6 thoughts on “Natural, not wild!

  1. I’ll be over in late May with the gang from Great Dixter to check out the gardens & say hi to Tom. My biennial trip from down under! It’s amazing & heartening to see the transformation of the gardens over the last few years – WR would be pleased I’m sure. Congratulations.

  2. How delightful to read and see your garden pages!! I have an eleagnus hedge row here in Louisiana (Southern USA) and it will overtake almost anything. My heart sings when I get to see graden updates at Gravetye. Now I must find that Sissinghurst blog! This is too much fun!

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