Gravetye Poppies


I think it is my favourite time of year to have a walk around the kitchen garden.

Meanwhile the first vegetables are cropped, this part of the garden starts filling with many a colourful flower.

The poppies are at their peak. It is amazing how many varieties can  be found in the garden. We have just grown four varieties in our nursery, but I have seen more than eight types of flower in the kitchen garden. Although most of them are self-sown, we’ve collected and planted some seeds, but it is always a surprise to discover what colour they are. It is a gradient from the red, to white : orange, red, deep red, pink….





Some of them are orange with a white edge. Others, called Ladybird, have a black dot on their petals.

The bees make a good job, by pollinating, helping to mix  the poppies.


It is definitely worth coming to see that before they stars to drop their petals.

So, how many varieties can you find yourself?

Words and photographs by Martin

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