February Newsletter: In the garden

It is always fun to try new plants.  Often they can turn out to be a bit disappointing but through persistence you always, eventually, come across a gem. Some years ago a friend gave me a new Black Currant called “cassisima” which she claimed would revolutionise the world of currants.  Out of curiosity I found a corner in the garden to try it out and when it fruited I was shocked by just how beautiful it was!  It fruited early, about two weeks ahead of our main crop with big berries.  But most importantly was the taste, which was exceptionally sweet, so much so that it was a waste to cook them as they were so good as they were.  That winter we took a lot of hardwood cuttings, which fruited for the first time last year.  Unfortunately the birds got most of these so this week we have been transplanting them to the fruit cage so that we can have all of these new exciting sweet juicy berries for ourselves.

Tom Coward

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