A short story about sweet peas

Today we planted the first half of our Sweet peas (lat. Lathyrus odoratus) into the kitchen garden. I love these ever popular annual flowers, I am therefore very excited to learn how to grow them as a real professional!

These trailing, climbing plants which reach up to 8 feet require strong support, to hold their long stems full of colour and beautiful scent. It took me a lot of effort to build a special A-shape frame out of bamboo canes, which was 7 ft tall and 40 ft long, but the result was truly rewarding. The whole structure was built as strong and as regular as possible, with each cane tied exactly 1 ft apart, in the middle of two rows.

Young plants of 13 different cultivars were propagated from seed in the autumn and stored in our Victorian cold frames.  Seedlings are traditionally grown in cardboard rolls to develop good deep roots. They were planted together with their cardboard case against each cane, and secured with a tiny green wire ring. We don’t want them to get eaten by slugs now! So slug pellets were scattered around, once all of them were planted and watered.

I am looking forward so much to see them grow!


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