Dutch Lights

Behind the scenes at Gravetye…

The Dutch lights were built for us nearly five years ago. They’ve been battling well with the force of winds which can tear up the hill by the orchard so we decided it was time they got some TLC.


A decision was made by Tom to paint the outside black to absorb the heat and the inside white to reflect the light. Before this, we gave them a good clean with the pressure washer and fixed a couple of rusty screws.. not bad for five years.


Once the Dutch lights are filled with our tender plants we will secure the glass top and this will give them good protection over winter.


4 thoughts on “Dutch Lights

    1. Hi Linda, the honest answer is we are not entirely sure! There is such a thing as a dutch glasshouse too, so it could be something to do with the standard size pane of glass which is commonly used for these cold frames and glasshouses. Hope this helps. Thank you for reading the blog! Tom.

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