We’ve been growing chicory for Head Chef George ready for Christmas.

The process starts in the kitchen garden, where its grown for several months in beds. Over the summer it gradually builds up its energy, which is stored in its roots. At the beginning of November we carefully lift them out of the ground, remove any excess soil and prune the leaves right down to the crown. We place the roots in the largest pots we have and trim any roots down as we don’t want them to touch the bottom. After covering them with dry compost we pop another pot on top, making sure no light can seep in. Six-eight weeks later the first endives will be ready, and we will get several crops from each root.

Chicory is a forced crop and has to be grown in complete darkness to prevent the leaves turning green. There are many ways to prepare this crop in the kitchen and it’ll be interesting to see what George does with it.

If anyone has any questions to ask the team please feel free to ask.


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