It’s been a productive day in the nursery. Our earliest cuttings of Salvias are coming on well in the glass house so we have been potting these up and moving them to the peach house. Sometimes it feels like a game of Tetris trying to make everything fit in the right place at the right time as space is at an increased premium.


3 thoughts on “Nursery

    1. We start taking cuttings from the begining of September but you could take them from the beginning of August, if you wish to have bigger plants. Ours are placed in a heated glasshouse which encourages a healthy growth and gives them a bit of a head start. Don’t forget to pot them up and prune them back if they start to get leggy. Good luck! Fay

  1. Thanks Fay. I did some S. microphylla cuttings at the end of last summer which have survived ok in my unheated greenhouse at home. would love a heated one…and a larger one! Jo

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