Plant of the Week


Daphne Odora is one of my favourite scented flowering plants and I have been waiting impatiently for the clusters of magenta buds to open. This last week has seen them slowly reveal their beautiful fragrance, one by one.

it was the scent that blew me away one Spring afternoon while walking my father’s garden path. it was the first encounter ad one I will never forget. a waft of heavenly scent filled my world and I was instantly addicted; not too sweet but so intense you can’t miss it, especially on a warm Spring morning.


There are dozens of different species to choose from and if you were clever you could have a succession of different Daphnes flowering throughout your garden for the first five months of the year. My favourite, however, will always be the Daphne Odora Aureomarginata.

Originally from China, they are a compact evergreen shrub and relatively easy to grow, preferring the usual moist but well drained soil, sunny or partly shady environment. They don’t like root disturbance so choose your site carefully and stick to it. Unfortunately, they don’t like to be grown in containers. This may be because of their deep tap roots.


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