Tree Felling

Whilst the hotel is closed for renovations we are taking the opportunity to make a lot of noise in the garden, including some tree felling.  Jon, the forester who has been working on the larger Gravetye estate for the last couple of years, has begun some large clearance projects which will open up neglected parts of the garden and help some of the more special trees to flourish.  This includes thinning of overcrowded hollies and the removal of weed species and dead trees at the top of the Smugglers Path.  This historic right of way, which used to run right over the estate and up the hill to West Hoathly, has gradually been lost over the last couple of hundred years but the small section to the side of our orchard is still just about discernible.  Hopefully, with the work that Jon is undertaking, it will prevent this being further lost as well as having the advantage of improving the view West from the meadow.


One thought on “Tree Felling

  1. Couple hundred years?! We did not have roads in my neighborhood just over a hundred years ago, and they were only cut in to get the redwood out to rebuild San Francisco after the Great Earthquake and Fire of 1906.

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