Fruit Pruning

This week in the Kitchen Garden we have started one of my favourite jobs, pruning the fruit bushes.  Redcurrants, white currants, black currants and gooseberries all need pruning at this time of year.  Reds, whites and gooseberries are all similar to prune and need side shoots to be shortened to a couple of buds in order to encourage the formation of fruiting wood. The leaders get cut back by about a third to encourage formation of side shoots.  We grow these fruits as both bushes and cordons but the pruning for them all is the same principal.  After we have finished, it is always satisfying to see very neat and orderly fruit bushes which will provide us with much tasty fruit in the Summer months.


One thought on “Fruit Pruning

  1. pruning fruit trees is my favorite too! I also like the roses, although the old fashioned hybrid tea roses are my favorites. The modern ‘carpet’ roses are not quite as much fun.

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