Muck Spreading

One of the greatest jobs at this time of the year is the moving of our own compost material into the garden. Not only is it satisfying to see the beautiful black goodness which we have managed to produce from our waste and kitchen scraps, but also the physical nature of the job makes it an ideal way to keep warm.  This year we have produced magnificent compost, and like most years the majority of it will be used in the Kitchen Garden.  This year, because we have restricted access to the compost bays due to the building works, we had to move all the compost we could as quickly as possible.  This was then tipped onto the Kitchen Garden paths, which were protected by a layer of mypex, ready to move onto the beds.  It was then just a day’s work for three strong men to barrow this to where it is needed.  Some of the beds which we have composted will remain as they are with the compost acting as mulch, but others will need to be dug to incorporate the goodness into the soil.  For example, the baby vegetable beds will be trench dug, placing the rich compost under the surface of the soil to encourage the roots down into the ground. The pumpkin and squash bed, however, will be left undug with the compost acting as mulch to supress weeds amongst the scrambling plants.

Muck Spreading


2 thoughts on “Muck Spreading

  1. It has been so dry here that we would need to water our compost! We will just use what we have, but not have much more for later, unless the rain resumes. I do not mind watering it sometimes, but not regularly through winter.

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