Planting Trees

During Winter we cleared many areas of the garden of old trees and shrubs which were either dead or past their best. This opened up some lovely spaces in which to plant new trees and we have taken advantage of some of these gaps.  In the Wild Garden we removed an old birch tree which was at a perilous angle directly in front of the gates and we have replaced this with a young Davidia involucrate (handkerchief tree).  This is close to the existing handkerchief tree which we believe is around 100 years old and will hopefully grow well in this site and be a good replacement should anything happen to the older tree.  Although it will take a good few years to flower and many more to reach the majesty of the existing specimen by the time the existing garden team retire it should make a stunning sight in the early Spring.



One thought on “Planting Trees

  1. It is sad to cut down a tree that has been growing in the forest for a century or more. It must be even worst to cut down a tree that someone planted a century ago!

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