Making Meadows

One of our most rewarding progressions over recent years has been the conversion of our cherry lawn to meadow. This is an important part of the garden connecting the flower garden to the wild garden beyond. Historically William Robinson grew ornamental cherry’s here, and because only one remained our first task was to position some […]

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Strawberry season is here!

As June begins, the production of the kitchen garden really becomes exceptional. Delicacies such as asparagus and sea kale will soon be off the menu as their season ends but they are quickly replaced by other beautiful ingredients such as bulb fennel, broad beans, courgettes and baby vegetables. But the most wonderful thing about this […]

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Cherry Blossom

It is always a joy to see the arrival of spring in a garden and this year we have been particularly excited by our cherry blossoms. For me, they are one of the most remarkable groups of trees, producing the most delicate flowers through the harsh early spring weather. They seem to be flowering especially […]

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November Newsletter: In the garden

Autumn is a magical time, and this year has been particularly impressive. As the light levels and temperatures change, chlorophyll, the green pigment in leaves, is broken down allowing the colours of the sugars stored through the summer to be seen. Carotene produces yellows and anthocyanin giving us reds and purples. Because of such long […]

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