Here at Gravetye we have a fruit cage devoted entirely to blueberries. This is not only as they are a superb crop, which the chefs really love, but also as they need special conditions in which to grow. Blueberries need the soil to be acidic in order to thrive and as most of the Kitchen Garden soil is alkaline we have created their own acidic area for them.

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Muck Spreading

One of the greatest jobs at this time of the year is the moving of our own compost material into the garden. Not only is it satisfying to see the beautiful black goodness which we have managed to produce from our waste and kitchen scraps, but also the physical nature of the job makes it an ideal way to keep warm.

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Seed Sowing

With January now over it is time to look forward to the Spring and start with some of our seed sowing. This week we have begun sowing early crops for the poly tunnel, such as spinach and Pak Choi.

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Brussels Sprouts

With the kitchens closed for a couple of months for renovation work, we are lucky this year to be able to clear the Kitchen Garden of the Winter crops earlier than usual in order to prepare for the new season ahead

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Fruit Pruning

This week in the Kitchen Garden we have started one of my favourite jobs, pruning the fruit bushes. Redcurrants, white currants, black currants and gooseberries all need pruning at this time of year

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Taming the Wild Garden

One of the most rewarding jobs at this time of year is to tidy up in preparation for the beginning of Spring. The Wild Garden is alive with the first shoots of the coming Spring bulbs. Before these get too far advanced we have taken the opportunity to have a really good tidy up through this part of the garden.

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