Plant of the Week


It never ceases to amaze me what good value for money the new world salvias are. Most of them originate from the area between Mexico and northern Brazil. Few are hardy in our climate, but they are so easy to over winter as cuttings and can be treated in this way almost like annuals. Salvia leucantha has been flowering since June and continues to look good long after bonfire night.

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Autumn harvest is now at its climax with our crop of squashes. These vegetables used to be quite unusual in the kitchen but now it has become one of Head Chef Georges staples. After several years of trialing, George has selected four varieties: Hunter, Hurricane, Autumn Crown and Crown Prince. These are all wonderful varieties […]

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Sowing Seeds

As the landscape changes and Winter sets in, Autumn can often be viewed as an ending. But in the garden this is far from the case. With bulbs to get in, trees to plant, there’s lots of new things happening. But most exciting is to sow our seeds for next year. By sowing annuals now […]

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Red-hot poker

One of the stars in the garden this week has been our Kniphofia rooperi.  This is one of the latest and most stunning of all the red hot pokers.  Through the summer its foliage is evergreen but discreet, making it quite useful at the front of the border.  It is hardly noticed through most of […]

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