Brussels Sprouts

With the kitchens closed for a couple of months for renovation work, we are lucky this year to be able to clear the Kitchen Garden of the Winter crops earlier than usual in order to prepare for the new season ahead

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Fruit Pruning

This week in the Kitchen Garden we have started one of my favourite jobs, pruning the fruit bushes. Redcurrants, white currants, black currants and gooseberries all need pruning at this time of year

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Taming the Wild Garden

One of the most rewarding jobs at this time of year is to tidy up in preparation for the beginning of Spring. The Wild Garden is alive with the first shoots of the coming Spring bulbs. Before these get too far advanced we have taken the opportunity to have a really good tidy up through this part of the garden.

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Shrubbery Clearance

Between the Orchard and the rest of the garden is a shrubbery bed which had become very overgrown and presented more as a hedge than a shrubbery. To allow light and air into the bed we have removed some weed species and interlopers, such as ash seedlings and hazels, and pruned the other shrubs removing lower branches and thinning the remaining growth.

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Tree Felling

Whilst the hotel is closed for renovations we are taking the opportunity to make a lot of noise in the garden, including some tree felling. Jon, the forester who has been working on the larger Gravetye estate for the last couple of years, has begun some large clearance projects which will open up neglected parts of the garden and help some of the more special trees to flourish.

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Winter Flowers

Although the weather at this time of year tends to be rather cold and dreary there are a few beautiful blooms which brighten the grey and act as a prelude to the glory of Spring

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Tree planting

One job we must get done before the new year starts is to get some new trees in the ground.  This is one of the most important jobs a gardener can do.  It is our responsibility to ensure that the tree line is as beautiful for the next generation as it is today and the […]

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