Creating a Garden View

At the start of this month we had the official opening of our new dining room and it was an honour to be invited.  The hotel has been closed since January for this challenging project, and to sit in the newly completed building with the team who had worked so hard made it all worthwhile.  The restaurant is designed to offer the best view of the garden possible and the effect is really quite impressive. 

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With the feel of Spring in the air our thoughts are quickly turning to getting some vegetables under way in the Kitchen Garden. Whilst we have been busy sowing in the glass houses for several weeks now the time has come to start some direct sowings.

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Planting Trees

During Winter we cleared many areas of the garden of old trees and shrubs which were either dead or past their best. This opened up some lovely spaces in which to plant new trees and we have taken advantage of some of these gaps.

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Pruning Wisteria

Wisteria sinensis is one of those classic plants that, when in full bloom, can evoke feelings of nostalgia, peace, and serenity. Its style can assimilate to traditional Japanese gardens or classic English gardens, where it is most often trained over pergolas or arches to accentuate the cascading racemes that bloom in May. Not only will Wisteria sinensis amaze your sense of sight with its profusion of flowers, it will also gently arouse your sense of smell with its sweet fragrance; which is perhaps what triggers the nostalgia rather than the appearance.

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A Winter Garden Activity

The dreary winter weather can make even the most enthusiastic gardener reluctant to visit their sleeping garden. However, each season has its highlights and although the winter garden requires a closer examination to appreciate its beauty, there is much to enjoy during this time of year.

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