Although it may seem odd to some people to become excited by rotted vegetable matter and manure, as gardeners, a large pile of well-rotted compost can be one of the most beautiful sights in a garden. Here at Gravetye we have three beautiful compost bays, one of which is full of the most amazing black, nutrient rich compost

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With the Autumn clean up well under way in the garden it is easy to become disheartened about the short days and cold weather ahead of us. One great tonic for these Autumn blues is to look ahead to the Spring and all the beauty it brings. This is now the time to be planting Spring bulbs and, as usual here at Gravetye, we are planting by the thousand.

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Plant of the Week


It never ceases to amaze me what good value for money the new world salvias are. Most of them originate from the area between Mexico and northern Brazil. Few are hardy in our climate, but they are so easy to over winter as cuttings and can be treated in this way almost like annuals. Salvia leucantha has been flowering since June and continues to look good long after bonfire night.

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