Tree planting

One job we must get done before the new year starts is to get some new trees in the ground.  This is one of the most important jobs a gardener can do.  It is our responsibility to ensure that the tree line is as beautiful for the next generation as it is today and the […]

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Meadow cutting

Autumn is a busy time in the garden, preparing for the spring before rough weather starts to delay us.  There are always so many jobs to do but if we can only get one thing done it is to cut our meadow before winter sinks in. In our climate, grass can continue growing throughout the winter […]

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Autumn harvest is now at its climax with our crop of squashes. These vegetables used to be quite unusual in the kitchen but now it has become one of Head Chef Georges staples. After several years of trialing, George has selected four varieties: Hunter, Hurricane, Autumn Crown and Crown Prince. These are all wonderful varieties […]

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Sowing Seeds

As the landscape changes and Winter sets in, Autumn can often be viewed as an ending. But in the garden this is far from the case. With bulbs to get in, trees to plant, there’s lots of new things happening. But most exciting is to sow our seeds for next year. By sowing annuals now […]

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