The Summer House Border

Hedychium ‘Tara’ This plant is about seven years old now and the best it has ever looked.  As well as taking a few years to bulk up it has appreciated this past years mild winter, as well as the recent heat wave. Phlox ‘Princess Sturdza’ One of the loveliest phlox with excellent flowering season. Our […]

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Late summer in the garden

Late summer is one of the most exciting times for a gardener, when the borders are at their most vibrant and we start preparing for the next seasons plantings. In the flower garden our tender perennials have performed especially well, benefiting from the recent summer heat. The Dahlias have been particularly pleasing, working as spots […]

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Water lilies

Anyone visiting Gravetye recently may have noticed that our lake is not looking quite as attractive as usual.  This is unfortunate as it is such an important part of an iconic view, but thankfully this is a short-term step back for a long-term leap forwards.  Over the years this beautiful lake has slowly filled with silt, resulting […]

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Throughout the year the garden delivers us a constant supply of seasonal delicacies and our fruit crops are of particular importance.  First to crop are the red currants in June, closely followed by the strawberries and gooseberries. We continue to harvest fruit right through to the last apples in November but the highlight has to be […]

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May Newsletter

The garden has been so beautiful through this warm Spring, giving us a lot of mixed emotions. Of course, we have the joy and reward of being able to continue caring for such a beautiful place, but sadness that we haven’t been able to share the garden as usual. The asparagus has been particularly good […]

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The blossom at Gravetye has been just beautiful this spring. It started at the end of February with Magnolia campbellii, putting on its flamboyant display to start the show. Soon follow the cherries, with new plantings of Prunus ‘The bride’ looking especially rewarding. These beautiful blossoms open pure white and fade to pink as the […]

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Magnolia campbellii

This tree has to be the most defiantly cheerful plant on the planet. It comes from the Himalayas and is one of the most ancient of true flowers. Through the coldest days of winter, it holds these magnificent blooms wrapped tightly in thick furry buds. In the coldest winters they go brown and drop but […]

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Letter from America

At the end of February I had the pleasure of giving a talk to the Berkshire Botanical Garden in New England, USA. William Robinson has a very strong following in the USA and it was exciting to meet so many lovely people, all passionate about wild gardening. I had the luck to spend time with […]

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