Gorse barrier!

Our peas in the kitchen garden are under attack, being eaten by either mice or birds.  This gorse barrier should do the trick, the prickles forming a protective barrier will hopefully stop any further munching…


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April Newsletter: In the garden

Spring is one of the most exciting times at Gravetye as the garden erupts into life and in the walled kitchen garden we are busy making sowings to harvest through the summer.  We try and concentrate on growing things which have the best flavour when they come directly from the garden.  Asparagus is a good […]

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A short story about sweet peas

Today we planted the first half of our Sweet peas (lat. Lathyrus odoratus) into the kitchen garden. I love these ever popular annual flowers, I am therefore very excited to learn how to grow them as a real professional! These trailing, climbing plants which reach up to 8 feet require strong support, to hold their long stems full […]

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Pollinating peach flowers

We have been pollinating every day between 1pm and 2pm as that is the warmest part of the day. We use a rabbits tail tied to a cane. The fur of the tail collects pollen in the same way an insect would and then as you go from flower to flower the pollen gets deposited on the next flower. Looking forward to seeing the results!

mar 004mar 007

Helena (& Lola!)

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Jobs completed in the garden this week…

Radish ‘apache’ and ‘marshalls mixed’ have now been sown under cloche. Sown under another is turnip ‘tokyo cross’ which will be harvested as baby turnips.

008 (2)

We have planted a new pear tree which we are planning to train as an espalier in the kitchen garden before moving it to beside the manor.

012 (2) - Copy

Our seed potatoes are chitting in the peach house. This light, dry, frost free place to develop shoots is perfect before planting out.

017 (2)



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Jobs completed in the garden this week…

I am pleased to say our first seeds are in the ground in the kitchen garden.  Pickling onions and parsnips.  At the moment they are covered with fleece to protect against the frost.

First peas are now sown in gutters. They will be slid into trenches in the kitchen garden when germinated and the weather is a bit warmer. Germinating inside gives better germination as its still cold outside and also protects against mouse attack.

Climbing roses on the long border have been pruned and tied in. Keeping the stems as horizontal as possible encourages flowering.



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