Natural, not wild!

At this time of year there’s less planting work to do in the garden, so we’ve taken the chance to clear an area between the orchard and the Croquet Lawn which has been left “wild”. One of the most important of William Robinson’s concepts was the wild garden, but “wild” does not mean “wilderness”. It’s a […]

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Plant of the Week

If you asked me what my favourite winter shrub is, I would reply sweetest honeysuckle (Lonicera fragrantissima) without hesitation. Its flower grows on bare branches and has such a beautiful strong sweet scent throughout January and February. Native from China, the bush can grow about 2 meters in a sunny or part-shade position. We have about five of these […]

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At this time of year, there’s not much colour to enhance the garden. Luckily, a bare tree presents us with beauty and interest through the winter with its bark and silhouette. At the top of the meadow, Acer griseum is a good example with its brown cinnamon-like bark. My favourite is Prunus serrula, near the Nepeta bed, which has a […]

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At this time of year it is easy to overlook the vegetable garden. Very little changes as the winter vegetables are standing beautifully, waiting to be cropped. A final weed and tidy of the year gives the impression that the garden has entered winter hibernation and is waiting for the spring to arrive. However this […]

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Cabbage and Beans

At this time of year, there are a lot of lasts and firsts occurring in the kitchen garden. The last of my giant savoy cabbages has been taken to the kitchen, the last of the nasturtiums have succumbed to the frosts and the last fruit crop has been harvested. It was a particularly good year […]

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Christmas Dinner

Christmas dinner should always be a feast and here at Gravetye I am sure that George will make it amazing. Here in the garden we have tried to help him by having as much of a variety of vegetables available to him as possible. Many winter vegetables are planted in the height of summer and […]

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